The Diversity Center is 501c3 certified.

The Diversity Center (TDC) is a proposed center which will bring together the ethnicities and cultures in our community under one roof, to provide affordable performing arts and language education for all ages, with a focus on inclusion and respect.

The Center will be a meeting place for the diverse, multicultural communities throughout the metro New York and New Jersey areas. It will be a welcoming place to gather and celebrate the various arts, food, and culture of all backgrounds. It will be designed to be organic and respectful of the environment, energy efficient, and a reliable information resource for new immigrants in the community.

The Center will also engage in Advocacy & Outreach with the New Jersey Department of Education (DoE) and local school boards to include diversity and cultural studies in the school curriculum, establish scholarship opportunities, amongst other programs, to promote multiculturalism in schools.

The Center will provide consistent opportunities for artists and educators from the diverse communities in the Tri-state area for both teaching and performing.